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Friday, 27 February 2015 15:02

Once again, we are very pleased to be able to contribute to the Cornell Community Ice Rink, along with some other great partners. We would also like to thank the wonderful members who dedicate their time to making this rink possible for the enjoyment of others in this great community.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 14:44

This week we have been working on a residential home in Markham that is relatively new. The builder paint job is awful and we have been contracted to clean it up. It is not difficult we just have to go over the walls a little more thoroughly. We are using a little more paint then usual.  We are using the Ben line by Benjamin Moore.

It is very good to work with when trying to cover the builder paint job, also it is easy to apply over the watererd down paint that they use.  I highly recomend it.

Friday, 21 January 2011 14:42

Contrary to what many people think January and February is a great time to get your interior painting completed.

In the winter months it is usually not as busy as it is in the spring and summer reasons being there aren't any exterior projects ongoing.  With the use of Eco friendly paints there isn't any need or worry to open windows when its cold outside to air out your house.  Projects can be completed faster and with little odour.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 01:27

Benjamin Moore has come out with a new paint called Advanced.

It is a waterborne alkyd hybrid that is low VOC. I recently worked with it on a interior project and was blown away.  Not only did it adhere to an oil based surface without much prep it had little smell  and was easy to work with.

No more stinky high VOC oil based paint that takes to long to dry this one dried to the touch in one hour.  I cant wait to use it again.


You have done it again! Thank you so much for your extraordinary work. The house looks fabulous! What a difference...

Sue Skinner

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Featured Project

We couldn't be more excited about our featured project.

Over the years we've been asked by many of our clients if we do other things than painting.  Accents walls are a huge hit right now and we've recently added wood and stone accent walls to our resume!  Along with the right colour of paint, adding any accent wall (whether it be a darker paint, wood, or stone) is a great finishing touch!